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Special keys, do something?

Ive installed Raspbian Jessie with pixel. does anyone know how I can setup the special keys on the top right to run the file manager and terminal?

Ive tried playing with the file /home/pi/.config/openbox/lxde-pi-rc.xml but cant seem to get it right, has anyone else got this working?

The hotkeys are defined in /home/pi/.config/openbox/lxde-pi-rc.xml

If you want to know the key code of any of the keys of the keyboard, you can open a terminal and use the command "xev". If you then push any key, the key code is displayed among other things. To exit xev just close the terminal window.

A working example is attached. The brightness keys will only work if you also install brightness from


Thanks Rene, xev is very interesting. Those keys work as expected now. Whats weird is now the brightness keys do not work. They did before, I tried the old file and it wont work with that either. If I try 'brightness increase' or

'brightness decrease' from terminal that works. I have also run the install file again. Any thoughts?

Sorry, I have no idea. On my system with the lxde-pi-rc.xml of above post the brightness keys and the file manager and terminal keys do work.

You might want to do a

whereis brightness

to check whether there is another brightness command somewhere. There should be only one in /usr/pi/bin

It was an PEBKAC error. I was using the function key in combination with the brightness key instead of the key by itself.

I should not have 2 laptops in front of me doing multiple things at the same time.

Thanks for your speedy help.

Rene thanks from me on ALL the help you provide here. I really appreciate your help and knowledge!

Ken  N8SYG

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