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Speaker setup in Ubuntu MATE

i tried the instructions to set up the speaker, but i get message e:unable to locate package pt-speaker

in ubuntu mate 

can you help?


There are problems tying to use the speaker with any other OS that Raspbian. The necessary libraries might not be available, and some things work differently. It is probably quite some work to get it right in Ubuntu mate.

If you have sufficient experience with linux, the two lenghty messages I have written on page 2 under the topic "setting up the pi-top speaker" in this forum might help you to get it to work. One explains how to copy the files manually from pi-topOS, the other explains how to modify pt-speaker to see what's working or failing.

thank you very muchm this saves me a lot of time, looking for and reading x number of posts.

I will have a look at your topic and try it out. When done, I will let you know, pos or negative.

Hi Freddy, did you get it to work?
Im running BerryBoot and using multiple operating systems...  Would like to know if you got a fix?


Hi there, thank you for this follow-up, but no - I did not get it to work.I have replaced the Raspberry PI by an other board from UP!. This one runs Windows 10 and the board almost fits the pi-top CEED. It is a bit thicker because of a cooling plate but without the front plate it works fine in the CEED (see picture).

If you have a solution to make the speaker work running Ubuntu, I will love to try it because I really like the Ubuntu OS.

Once again, thank you.

You know that you can run Ubuntu on your Up-Board ....?

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