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Grey screen after forced reboot on new PiTop! What now?

My 7 year old is devastated. The PiTop we bought yesterday froze today, we had to force reboot by pressing the on/off button. After restarting it that way the PiTop does get powered - the screen lights up - but nothing else happens. It's just a grey screen. What is this? Is the OS on the MicroSD corrupted just after one forced reboot? But we had no other choice! We tried turning it off again and leaving it unpowered for an hour to give it some rest but the same thing happened when we turned it on again. What do we do now? Please help! 

Thank you!

Sophia and Simon

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Sad to hear that. It appears that you were very unlucky. I think your best joice is to download and install pi-topOS again. Look at the topic "new pi-topOS" under announcements in this forum, and follow Alan's recommendations. The question remains why your pi-top froze. I hope this was not a hardware failure or a bad connection. If nothing helps, open a ticket in this forum to get in touch with pi-top.

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