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Pi-Top shutting-down on boot


all was good since September then suddenly tonight I updated everything upgrade / dist-upgrade and rpi-udate and then...

I started to have issue with pi-dashboard which I though I solved by remvoing the files .pi-dasboard and .pi-dashboard-config and cerating the .pi-dashboard directory - apt-get was complaining and requiring this.

After doing this all good - I though and it booted a brand new dash-board and a brand-new desktop : Great!

But suddently, it went all wrong with no reason, screen started to flip&pixelise every 10 sec then I rebooted and it went to a dark screen - ie I could see the 'pixel' splash boot screen but then instead of X it went dark screen.

I had access to ssh so I then forced a re-install of lightdm and lxde but when it rebooted I had a 'pi-top' splash screen and shortly after it goes straight to shutdown and I have no means to stop it shutting down ...

So eahc time I boot few seconds after the pi-top screen it goes to shutdown...

Any idea what I could do instead of full re-install?

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I am having the same problem, also my battery is not charging.
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