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Making a backup

It is very important to make a backup of your SD card of the pi-top from time to time. This allows to easily recover if you have a problem with the software.

Personally, I prefer to clone my SD card directly on the pi-top. For this I am using a cheap USB SD card reader, which I attach to one of the USB ports of the Raspberry Pi. The one I am using is one I got with an SD card from Eye-Fi, but any one should work. Because the SD card reader does not fit in the opening of the pi-top, I am connecting it with a short usb extender. The one I am using came with a mouse, but again any one or any usb extender cable should work.

See the attached picture

With such a setup, you can now use

  menu->Accessories->SD Card Copier

to clone your internal SD card to the one in the card reader

The advantage of this procedure is that you end up directly with a second bootable SD card.

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Thanks Rene, I stumbled across this a week ago and backed up both of my Pi's. I was impressed with the speed,

Thanks for all your support on these forums!


also you can use win32diskimager to image the sd card.   I do this so that I have a backup of my pi-top  sdcard (32gb) on my pc's internal hard disk.   i use a faster SD card (samsung evo plus)  so creating and restoring the image doesn't really take all that long.

Have done that also, guess I am paranoid!

I would not backup to another MicroSD.  Slow and inferior longevity as a backup medium.  I would suggest using a flash drive or a USB SSD that you can plug in the back to one of the RPi's USB ports.  Then, you can make a quicker and more reliable copy.  No need to image copy if you want to just backup critical files to hold off-line.


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