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Where is pi-topCODER?

Can't find any reference to it other than the website, which makes it sound very interesting:

"pi-topCODER is an interface that allows you to access all Raspberry Pi resources as well as worksheets created by educators from all over the world. It will teach you to code, track your progress and test your code in real time"

The question is 12 months old, but I'm just discovering the pi-top family. BTW, how does it come that nobody from pi-top staff wrote a reply to the poster since then ?

From what I understood from my exploration of pi-topOS, it seems that pi-topCODER is not an application by itself, but instead a part of the pi-topDASHBOARD app which is launched automatically during the pi-top boot (at least if you have not removed it from LXDE autostart script). What makes me suppose this that there is no process having "coder" somewhere in the associated command when you issue a "ps aux" command in a terminal while CODER is running.

This bugs me a bit BTW since I've removed the dashboard from the startup sequence, since it is not well suited for the intended usage of the pi-top (no way to customize it by removing the apps I don't care, and adding other ones such as the Arduino IDE,...). I tried some reverse-engineering to find if there were some configuration file hidden somewhere, but all the data seem to be embedded directly in the executable file (same for ceedUNIVERSE too, which makes it impossible to localize for languages other that English or Spanish).

I don't like the idea to launch the dashboard just to access CODER because :
  • it does not terminate when you exit like a normal application, but instead stays in background with several other friend processes you don't really need after that
  • it modifies the desktop background image and does not restore it (which is not very fair as an application behaviour).

Maybe I missed some detail. Thanks in advance to anybody who could correct me where I am wrong.

Best regards


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I also would like to hear more about this!!!

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I too would like to understand how this international class company repeatedly refersto the Pi-TopCoder app! It makes reference to all the lessons of the inventors kit, now provided with the v2 Pi-Top and yet I am left unable to gain access to any of the lessons because I CANNOT FIND the Pi-TopCoder app as it has been described in the "Getting Started" guide.

Would Pi-Top staff PLEASE provide an official response to a situation you have created? 

Please provide an update to this misdirection to permit those of us with literal minds to follow the so described lessons in physical computing before we cause permanent damage to our Raspberry Pi computers that we ourselves have provided to enable the use of the Pi-Top?

I trust you will be informed about a new message added to this long standing forum topic?

p.s. You would be requesting access to an API list to enable direct access to features of an integrated environment of the Pi-Top OS, at the very least this would be a driver to upgrade the Pi-Top OS to be structured with API calls to key features and to render the OS transparent to software Developers such as is the whole purpose of this range of EDUCATIONAL products. A company that does not learn from its own marketplace will eventually fail to learn enough to stay alive in a highly competitive commercial environment. There is a general GOODWILL feedback between supported Customers/Developers that ensures new business opportunities for all.  I do hope there is a response by Pi-Top to this message. Even a Non Disclosure Agreement, NDA, in respect of possible use of APIs is better than no response to the previous contributors requests for clarification. 

P.p.s. As of today's date there is no publication of basic structures of Pi-Top OS that would suggest open access or transparency to support the possibility of bright new engineers being able to develop new ideas as the new wave of the much anticipated renaissance of British Industrial Revolution. In this tight inflexible grip on the proposed development environment new ideas are likely to take flight elsewhere. What a missed opportunity that will be! Again!

Thank you for any contributions...

pi-topCODER is a site where a lesson plan is showed to you and you can select which lesson you want to do

i used the site when i made a pitop   XD

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