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How to unzip OS

I was told by tech support to install the newest OS on my brand new pi-top. So now I'm fixing a brand new product.

Going through the process of downloading all the little necessary widgets, I've run into a snag- when I try to extract the new OS, I get an error stating I need an addition 734PB of disk space. That is not an error- apparently PB stands for Petabyte, which is 1000 times a Terabyte, which is 1000 times a Gigabyte.

Yet the OS is supposed to fit on an 8GB card.

Looking at the recent activity of this forum, I realize that posting this question is pretty much futile, but hey, sometimes it's fun to type knowing that your words will never be read.

Soooo.... Anyhoo... I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that the OS is the only file nest in about a dozen folders, so that the length of the path is completely ridiculous.

But how would I know? I mean I bought this to _learn_ about computing, so I guess lesson one is: fix your computer that the manufacturer couldn't make work in the first place.

La la la la la la.....

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I had the same issue I am going to shoot an email to the pi-top team

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