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Set Time and Date

The adventure continues...

Time and date is wrong, and it seems that might be the reason Chromium is blocking every site.

When I click the time in the bottom right hand of the desktop tray, a little calendar pops up, and I can select month/day/year, and then nothing happens. Nice feature.

Anybody know how to set the time and date?

Thanks in advance :-)

p.s. I'm posting this in 'General discussions' because none of the forums seem to be named anything that indicates 'How do I make this thing work?'


Time and date is set automatically in Raspbian and pi-topOS, if a proper internet connection is established during bootup.
Thanks Rene, but all I can tell you is that the time and date is 'automatically' off by a couple weeks + a couple of hours.

I can ping any website I've tried, so internet connection is not a problem.


You could also use the raspi-config either from cli or in the desktop . You will have to scroll through a long list of locations to get yours!


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