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pitop intro wizard, how do I stop it loading everytime I boot up?

So when I boot up the pitop I get the pitop intro wizard which explains how to use the desktop appear. Nice and informative but I cant find an option to stop this from showing everytime I boot up. At the moment I have to wait awhile and then push the desktop button on the keyboard to get to the desktop. 

How do I get the pitop intro wizard to stop loading everytime I boot up?

Happy to edit CLI files if need be, just need to know which ones though.

If you are only interested in using the desktop, the best approach is to use standard Raspbian Jessie. Download in from, and then install the programs to handle pi-top hardware from

Once you've gone through the wizard by clicking each area wth the mouse as it apears... it disappears on its own/  it is only a one time thing.

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