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New pi-top stuck in shipment

My new pi-top ordered and payed on October 13 lists on my account page as shipped on November 6. On October 11 I got a tracking number from dpd, but the tracking shows that it is stuck in Hinckley since November 14. dpd Switzerland tells me that I need to contact pi-top to find out what‘s going on, but no answer yet from support. Has anybody made a similar experience and what was done to resolve the problem?
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I experienced the same with a Base Swap. It took 3 months to solve.

x told me to fill in a form on the Internet.

It would take 3-5 days shipping.

y told me that the form never arrived, so please fill in another form.

Meanwhile DPD told me that they never received the package, reason why the shipping numbers did not exist.

Z told me that the package would not arrive before another month as the warehouse was empty and a new production round had to be started.

The waiting time went overdue with another week.

The Base sits in a cupboard as it does not work.

My tricks to wake the Pi-Top from the dead no longer work as meanwhile not only you need keywords but also SHA1 encryption was implemented.

I gave up and donated all, worth over a 1.000 Euro to a local Technical School.



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