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PiTop Classroom software

Is there a windows version of PiTop classroom software?  Or do I need to devote one of my CEED units as a teacher computer?  Any help would be appreciated!  Thanks!

Hi there, 

pi-top Classroom can be accessed here: https://classroom.pi-top.com/

You would need to create and account which will give you access to all our wonderful stuff ;)

The teacher side of Pi-Top Classroom is cloud based. There isn't any software to download. I use one of my Pi-Tops to test any worksheets before teaching lessons, but during lessons a Pi-Top isn't needed by the teacher. 

I don't get it: is there a specific account to ask for?
I didn't find a "Classrom" URL to access it.
Do we need to access it from a pitop?


That's a great question: how are we supposed to handle our classes/workshops?
Is there any way to host the classroom part of software on any other machine we have?
Linux server?


I contacted Pi-Top and asked to access pi-topClassroom. It is in beta, so there are bugs. I was given access and I give feedback on any bugs or features I think will be useful.

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