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Installing Raspbian Stretch on the Pi-Top v2 with Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+

I wrote this guide for those who may want to install raspbian on their pi-top

 Installing Raspbian Stretch on the Pi-Top v2 with Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+


 1. Write the Raspbian Stretch image to your Micro SD Card.

    (download from raspberypi.org)


 2. Insert the Micro SD card into the Pi-Top and boot up.


 3. Use the Raspberry Pi Configuration utility to change the following:



                Hostname        : pi-top

                Splash Screen : Disabled

                Underscan       : Disabled



                SPI : Enabled

                IC2 : Enabled



                GPU Memory : 256 - Optional



                Locale           : As per your location

                Timezone      : As per your location

                Keyboard      : As per your location

                WiFi County  : As per your location


 4. Reboot


 5. Setup networking as needed.


 6. Update the system:

                sudo apt-get update

                sudo apt-get dist-upgrade


 7. Reboot


 8. Add "Battery (pi-top/laptop)" to task bar panel


 9. Disable the pi-top auto optimized font and icon size setting:

                sudo systemctl disable pt-display




 Install the Pi-Top Speaker V2 - Speaker Will appear as HDMI Audio


 1. Open the terminal and enter:

                sudo apt install pt-speaker


 2. Plug in the Speaker.


 3. Reboot


    To test the sound open the terminal and enter:

                sudo speaker-test -l2 -c2 -t wav


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Didn't work for me.

Can't find any of the following files:




If I run /usr/bin/pt-devices I get:

OS release: 4.14.79-V7+

Host device is pi-topCEED

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