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PI-Top Speaker V2

Hi !

I have just get a new PI-Top2 with some extras :-)

I'l installed Raspbian Stretch and my required programs.

Now, I have a problem with the speaker(s):

If the PI is started (I2C enabled) the speaker is showing in i2cdetect.

The command pt-devices is showing no extensions.

Now, if I disconnect and reconnect the Speaker to the i2c-bus (during runtime !), the pt-devices shows me, that PI-Top Speakers are connected.

Then, I can get sound working with every program - fine !

It's also working, if I restart it or shutting down and power it up again.

But, If I shutdown and disconnect the power cord, so that the main hub is not powered anymore and then start it (power connected or not), the Speakers are not recognited...

It's the same bevor, if I replug the speakers, it works again.

I have reinstalled the wohle Raspbian and checked every thing I know...

Installed items via APT-GET are: pt-device-manager, pt-hub, pt-speaker and pt-desktop with all dependencies required by this...

Can someone help ?

Sorry for the bad english :-)

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Okay, I have found the Bug !

But, I cannot solve because it's software:

If I disconnect the pi-topPROTO+ Board, then the speakers goes every time, one and two together.

If I connect the PROTO+ Board and shut it completely down, the Speakers are not recognized anymore.

So, I connect the PROTO+ Board only if I must build or test some things.

The Chip on the PROTO+ Board (ADC) works and is showing in i2c, so there is no defect.

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