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Overheating & power issues: Pi 3 B destroyed in a Pi Top Ceed

Hi is anyone having overheating issues in their Pi Top Ceed?

I just lost a Pi 3 B ... worked for 2 days , then I could not start up in the Ceed .  

For some reason would not power on any more. 

I added an external power source (Pi adapter) this worked , but overheating warning.

I tested the Pi outside the Ceed and it booted, but there was a overheating warning .

Is this the Polaris OS ?

Am about to get a Pi 3 B+ replacement, do I need to put heat sink on ?

Any advise welcome.

Was my Pi faulty ?  

Have had no problems with it in the past. 

NB could not power on in the Ceed. Would power on only using the external Pi adapter.

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