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My pi-top won't retain settings

I cannot get my pi-top to remember I want the US keyboard to be the default. I also can't get it successfully change the date and remember it after I turn it off. It comes up every time with the U.K. and the time is 8 hours fast.

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I've been unable to properly configure my settings and experience the same issues you describe. The default settings in guest mode seems pretty good, but when I log in, the background screen is white, instead of grey, and offers a limited set of app icons.

Google rules! I found out about the configuration utility my spending a few minutes Googling my issue. I used raspi-config from the terminal application and was able to set my time zone and other defaults. I'm a happy camper now! The OS is just Linux so you just need to find the commands for the version you're using...
Yes, i used raspi-config to set my locale and keyboard layout, too.
Since this is german, the language selector on the Dashboard will go to "undetected" for keyboard layout. :-P


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I've tried to enter raspi -config into the terminal, both as myself and as guest, but the command isn't recognised. What am I not doing. I note I can't login using the standard pi / raspberry combo for normal Raspbian, so what gives?

I want to set my time and date and change my Zone. Easy to do when following Raspberry Pi User Guides, but apparently not so easy in PiTopOS. As I'm a NOOB from Windows environment it's not surprising I'm stuck.


sudo raspi-config
No blank between the words. :)
The passphrase for user pi is pi-top.


Thanks Lars,

Works a treat. Also found out how to add Keyboard LEDs to PiTopOS. 

Right click on the Status Panel bar.

Click on Add / Remove Panel Items button.

Click on Add button.

Scroll down to Keyboard LED to highlight it.

Click on the Add button.

Your Keyboard LED buttons should appear on the right-hand side of your 

If not all LED buttons show right click on the buttons and click on Keyboard LED Settings. Now click on whichever item you wish to display or remove from display.

NOTE: This only displays the Caps Lock, Num Lock and Scroll Lock LEDs. It does not display editing selections such as Bold, Italic, normal, etc. But it does help to indicate when CAPS LOCK is on which is important in Linux.

If you edit the file /etc/default/keyboard and change the "gb" to "us" it will permanently remember your settings.

RaspConfig file is available through the "start" menu and that updates.

Yes - you can use the Raspberry Configurator from the 'main desktop' menu (NOT Dashboard) to configure keyboard / date etc . PiTop will then do a reboot and you're good to go !!

Not rally, mine kept going back to Andorra for Wifi country. I kept changing and rebooting. However used sudo raspi-config and now it keeps the right country.

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