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Dashboard update not running

On the dashboard i got the message that an update is available.

Internet connection is OK (globe with checkmark)

If i trigger the update the progress bar started with one = on the left and the description "connecting"

After some times i run into timeout and suggestion to load via browser.


The download redirects to //root/downloads and is not visible in user "PI" Download folder.

couldnt get the update with the downloaded file run until i copied the unzipped files to /home/pi/.pi-top/dashboard
From all other directories the config script ended up with error messages because it couldnt find destination folder or has no access to it.
Remember that this folder is invisble, so set PCmanFM to sho invisible files before creating this folder.

The dashboard icon configuration is still not orking and asking for login....


try this


it worked for me ( saw a post on indiegogo )


Did this patch 1 (again)

Now dashboard is gone and the pi-top directly starts into LXDE.
I dont know if this is good or bad since the dashboard hs little value....
anyhow, battery charge level and update notifiations for Pi-Top stuff is only available there......


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