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Where are the STL files?

Hi,  I have ordered the CEED, and I would like to be able to switch between desktop and laptop mode.

I don't know whether the same 13" screen is used for the Pi-Top and the CEED, but it would be nice to have access to the STL files to modify otherwise.

Would you please make the STL files available for download?

Many thanks

Brian Williams

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I suppose that by "STL file" you mean "3D model file" to 3D-print.

Hem... Do you realize "pi-top ceed" is not a product yet ? For now, it's a crowd-funded project, and as a contributor, you will probably receive it one year from now. In the meantime, the project will have evolved, and its form will be different than the synthetic images we have for now. And I'm pretty sure pi-top team isn't eager to share the 3D models of their products, "pi-top" or "pi-top ceed".

Both products are really different, as suggest their respective price tag ; "pi-top ceed" is not intended to be portable (no battery, no power management, no keyboard, no trackpad...). Actually, you can have the same functionality with a Raspberry Pi and a TV. The only cool thing is the pretty case.

Besides, even with the 3D model, this would be irrealistically expensive to 3D print a case for a product which is simply a screen and a box stitched together... You better have to design your own case.

I'm sorry I did not make it clearer.  I meant "where are the pi-top _laptop_ files?".

I take it you are not involved with the project as the context of my question should have made that obvious.

Sorry for the misunderstanding...

At the start of the campaign, the pi-top was indeed advertized as a "laptop that you can 3D-print". But this is not realistic : even if you had the 3D files, a pi-top would request at least 4 very large parts, or a 3D printer large and precise enough to print them. Very expensive...

Anyway, afaik, the pi-top team has given no follow-up to this idea...


from videos on line, pi-topCEED seems to be more than just a concept.

Well, they ought to.  The original campaign stated that the STL files would be provided as part of the kit.

Given that they were produced to create the parts, I see no downside to making them available.  If I want to tinker with them, why shouldn't I?  Granted I did not invest in that project, but I am investing in the current one.  I would like to avoid having to design my own case.

I really cannot quite understand why you are arguing against it.  I ask again, are you involved with the project, or simply someone who wishes to comment?

If you are the person assigned to monitor the forum, could you please escalate my query to someone on the design team for the laptop?


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:) Sorry, I'm not part of the team, I do not administrate the forum... and I'm french. I'm just trying to help here. I'm not arguing against 3D printing a pi-top encasing, I just say this will probably not be possible anytime soon.


Ok. Thanks for your input.  It would be nice if someone from the company could respond.

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I also have this question.  The idea behind this project was that the chassis would enable tinkering, in part because you could 3D print new parts.

Even if that's not practical for most people, they should keep their promise and make the files available.

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It's OK.  I had a separate conversation via email. Text follows.  I'm guessing that the original design had flaws which were ok for injection moulding, but not so good for 3D printers.


Hi Brian,

Thank you for your message. The STL files are not ready to be released yet. We are working hard to make the final adjustments necessary.  When they are ready we will be certain to let everyone know and you will be able to download them at that time.

All the best, 


Two months later...do we have the STL files yet? We finally have the hub pin-out. Are the STL files do-able or not? e.g. Can a Pi-Top case be printed or did you go down the injection moulding route because 3D-printing cannot handle the tolerances?.

Why do you post these remarks on the Forum? None of the pi-top users know the answers.
Send a Support Ticket to the Pi-Top team instead.

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I agree, the forum is a democratic open source of constructive comment . The result is young minds or people new to and curious about computing and digital designs can learn quickly and safely. How to build with small fragile components or larger systems. to achieve unique functional objects or intelligent systems with potential for entertainment and commercial success. One aspect for new developers is how to make a prototype. Next comes the expensive step of mass production. By distributing .stl files the prospect of distributed manufacturing also exists. For the end user equipped with a 3Dp the cost of buying a circuit is much less than buying it encased. The shipping costs for the circuit are also less than the alternative. This is future speak but a few enterprising individuals could easily pace the way for a new home marketplace for new and exciting digital products at affordable prices. I do hope this helps clear the air a little. Has anybody checked out their local FABLAB for its facilities? They use an open source project model and it is really worth a look!
Someone can share the files .stl to print the pi-top chassis? Thank you

14 months later, STLs are still a mystery even though they still claim this is open sourced and all files will be available...

Also, for those of you who are confused, a dekstop 3D printer is more than capable of printing the case for this.This isn't a Swiss watch, it's a case for a screen and keyboard.. 

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