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forum bug ? when posting links

when writing and submitting a post with http adresses in it,

or formatted text ( like yellow background text highlighting ),

the forum engine says that the message needs to be moderated but seems to loose the post in deep space.

Is that the wanted behavior ? are there posts to be moderated ?

I've been forced to write some post more than once!


i'm sorry for the bold style...

 i don't know

sometimes seems to work with links...

I have the same problem. Forum posts seem to get lost, even without text formatting or links. Is the forum moderated, and, if yes, what are the rules? What can be done if posts do not seem to make it into the forum?

im having this issue too, can't post images or links, the whole post gets eaten. I just signed up so maybe I havent been approved yet...

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Yes, this bug is still there and is very annoying. To circumvent the problem you can attach images and text files with links as separate files, but this is just a crutch. There are other reasons why posts get eaten, but I have not figured out why.

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