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pi-top site problems may prevent correct shipment deliveries

I've just completed the account information as required for delivery of my pi-topCEED, and in so doing I noticed several problems, one of which forced me to enter my 'first names' in an abnormal fashion (more on that further below). Problem 1: Registration was impossible when using Firefox with NoScript installed (which I consider mandatory), even when NoScript was set to allow all scripts for the session. This may be a NoScript issue, but in any case it forced me to use Chrome instead. Problem 2: The entry fields for 'First name' and 'Last name' are incorrectly programmed, allowing no entry of any non-alphabetical characters, thus making it impossible to enter multi-part names, whether spaced or hyphenated. This WILL make it impossible for some people to have their shipments delivered reliably, when their addresses as registered with post offices and marked on mail delivery lists include such spaced and/or hyphenated names. In my own case, the proper name entry for my mail delivery is "U. R. Andersson" So using just one of my 'first names' will not ensure delivery, as it will leave out one of the specified initials. In order to include both I had to use some abnormal entry format, so I used "UlfxxxxRonald" for the "First name" field, as I hope and believe that the delivery service will realize that the "xxxx" part is just a separator to be ignored. Finally I must protest against the coding of the 'Freshdesk' login using a Google account, since that demands not only access to my profile, but also demands permission to MODIFY my personal calendar info, which is completely unacceptable. Fortunately login through Facebook did not demand such things. Best regards: Ulf Ronald Andersson (aka: dlanor)

On re-reading the email I got from pi-top prompting me to register my account, I've now realized there were some worse problems that may even prevent any attempt at delivery of my pi-topCEED unit.

The site page never showed me the prompts for "Product Preferences:", "Shipping address:", or "Billing address:" (apparently the address I did enter was NOT for shippin). Any billing shouldn't be needed, as I've already paid in full via credit card, but preferences and shipping address definitely are needed (though I recall entering some such at the indiegogo site earlier).

What I suspect happened is that some glitch during my registration caused my account to NOT be associated with my pi-topCEED order, which could mean that it now resides in limbo, not associated with my user account... :(

I can't register again, using the unique code from the email, as that would cause account duplication which the site won't allow...

So now what do I do... ?

I had similar issue , no response using IE11 or Mozilla. Using Chrome I was able to create account as well as pick color and fill in shipping info... it gave me issues with payment of shipping. I thought we did that with initial order.... needless to say I sent multiple emails about registration/activation

It's strange that our failures were so different, me never seeing the 'pick color' entry etc.

But I suppose the site bugs could respond differently to some differing browser settings.

I too have sent some emails, and I hope to get some response to them tomorrow.

Btw: I need to correct a misstatement in my second post above, where I stated that I prepaid the pi-topCEED via credit card. I remembered that part incorrectly, and it was in fact prepaid via PayPal.

(Not that it should make any difference either way. I just want all my info to be correct.)

IE 11 and Firefox not working!!
I think this should be considered unacceptable.

What about using standard HTML and no javascript bug prone frameworks??
At least for user activation / shipment infos collection...

I have an account as original pi-top owner. Why do I have to activate a new account?


I activated a new account but can't seem to get back into it.  Ra.dlanor in reference to payment i think we all still have to pay for shipping seperately, i could have sworn this was included for early UK contributors but it's actually $25 for the UK.


Opera 36.0 on Windows 7 seems to work correctly .

pi-top detected my already existent account.


I could have sworn too that shipping was included for early supporters. Now I have to pay 25% of the product price for shipping? And I ordered two devices, now I need to pay shipping twice! I cannot believe that... am pretty disappointed!

I had similar problems and contacted Support who got back to me very quickly and helpfully. Apparently their Development team are working on the issues and will be in touch when the problems are solved.

Hope this helps,



After reporting the issue to pi-top's support they replied that they were working to fix the problems.

And today when I logged in to the site I was finally presented with the proper entry forms to finalize shipping address and payment, as well as the product options (color, power plug).

One thing to remember though is that if you use some script protection addon (I use ScriptSafe in Chrome), then you may have to restart the page several times over, unless you allow all scripts on the site for this session (I had to log in 5 times, as I gave script URLs permission to run as they appeared, step by step :( ).

Best regards: Ulf Ronald Andersson (aka: Ra.dlanor)

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