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QWERTZ keyboard

My pi-top purchased a month ago was delivered to Switzerland with a US keyboard, which is a problem for German speaking countries.

The US keyboard is fine for programming, because the special symbols used often in programs are easily accessible. But the interchanged Z and Y keys as compared to German or Swiss German keyboards are a real nuissance. Fortunately, is is easy to exchange the hardware keys on the keyboard (at your own risk, of course), but how to set up a non standard keyboard (US with Z and Y exchanged) on the Raspberry Pi?

My solution is a small script with the following:

xmodmap -e "keycode 29 = z Z z Z"

xmodmap -e "keycode 52 = y Y y Y"

and to start this script automatically by adding a line in


Maybe there are more elegant solutions, but this one works.

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Genius! I am an English native speaker, but live and work in Germany and have got used to using a German keyboard at work at home. I like my ü and my ä and my ß... Using the Pi-Top always means a few seconds of confusion every evening, so I'll try this out.



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