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Saved games

Hi all Im just wondering were does CEED universe save the games you save. As i krep saving and i click on save and then the save icon changes from save to done, i click donr a few nore times to make sure and then quit the game and return to the game and i click on load from the main menu and it says save file not found.

I originally thought that the saves were disappearing too. When you click on the textbox to the left of the Save button, you enter the name of the save you want. 

***IMPORTANT*** REMEMBER that save name; including capitalizations. 

When you come back into CEEDUniverse, you can LOAD the same game by entering the *exact* same name and click the LOAD button. 

You will see the game you last saved load and you can resume from there =8D

Hope this helps!

I would like to know where the saved games live as well. I have re-imaged my son's SD card to pick up latest Polaris without any gremlins. I have taken an image of the old card and would like to fire that up in another Pi to find his saved game files to transfer across.

It's in your home directory, but it is owned by the root user.  If you want to see/copy the files, run the following commands from a terminal:

# sudo -s

# cd .CEEDUniverse

You can back up that directory to retain your save files.

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