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Setting up the pi-top speaker


 i got my pi-top Ceed and the Speaker this week. Is installed the package and set the speaker to mono. I2C is enabled and the Ceed was rebooted. Than I wanted to play music with the omxplayer. Tried both normal and hdmi, and I tried the mplayer...

But there were nothing to hear. What can I do, to get it to work?


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Hi sorry to jump in but i cant get audio working via the hdmi on my Pi top when using Kan os anyone tried this or found a fix thanks..


Michael Davis. Any luck with the Pi-top Speaker + Pi-Top Proto & Sense Hat?

Here is also problem with Speaker and Proto+Sense HAT. No sound until Sense HAT is removed.

My PiTop works when it wants to ...I never remove my two speakers or hat and when I boot sometimes it works and som time it doesn't.....Me and my son love this little tinker box...lol Thanks guys for all you do. -Lou

I forgot to say that I am using pi-topCeed. Before I bought it, I used Sense HAT and Cluster HAT apps very succesfully with Raspberry PI 3B+. Now I want try to get those working with pi-topCeed.

"i2cdetect -y 1" shows Sense HAT (UU) and Speaker (73) =mono. Alsamixer is also loaded, but no sound from Speaker.

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I did some problem solving and got sound working, but this is not permanent solution to problem.

Here is video of it and in comment section there a guide how to do it.


Permanent solution to this problem is to get pi-topSpeaker mk.2

What is different between the original and the mk.2 speaker? This would imply a design fault with the original speaker ...

mk.1 works in i2c interface and mk.2 i2s interface. My problem was to get protoboard (sense hat and cluster hat) working with speaker. My pi-topCeed is rather new, but was shipped with mk1 speaker.

Hi all,

I have the pi-top V2, with the pi-top speaker mk.2.

My speaker works as expected in pi-topOS with the pi-topPROTO+ connected. (out of the box)

With Raspbian 2019-04-08-raspbian-stretch-full installed, using the instructions Here the speaker work as expected if it is the only add-on broad  physically install, as soon as I add the pi-topPROTO+ board the sound stops working.

has anyone managed to get this working?



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