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Translation for CEED Universe

Is it possible for me to translate CEED Universe into another language?

I can't seem to find out any info or lang files on my Pi-top.


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I investigated a bit inside the executable, and all the puzzles and conversations are there as embedded XML resources. It seems that the file is some kind of executable archive with all its data inside.

If one knew how to unpack/repack it, translating the texts would be easy. Maybe this can't be done this way. For instance, tools like PyInstaller let you bundle scripts with support libs and data files in a single portable executable file, but you cannot (to my knowledge) extract the parts (only pack them together).

It's a pity we can't contribute to localizing this app. This make it totally useless for kids here in France for instance, since they don't master English language enough to understand the texts and puzzles.

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Eric would be possible to give more information about where I can find the XML?
Hi Felipe,

The XML data are buried down in the binary. It's quite easy to locate them since stored in clear. Using an hex editor and its find command will help.

However, having no clue about the way to extract the resources, and, more important, to update them, there is no way to proceed in a clean and secure way. The only left option is to patch the texts in place, arranging for the translations to be shorter or equal to the original version.

I've volunteered for contributing to the localization work by providing CEED Universe makers with the French translations free of charge, the only condition being that they explain me before how to proceed.

But the discussion has turned to a dialogue of the deaf. All the replies I got were talking about a minimal number of sales to justify the work. But which work ? We were talking about my work.

I finally gave up, having no time to loose arguing with people clearly not really willing to make the situation evolve. I zapped CEED distribution from all the Pi-Tops and replaced it with a standard Raspbian one, tailored with the appropriate tools and apps for the activities the stations are used for. And all is fine now.

They have lost a potential volunteer contributor, but it's no more my problem.
Hey, Eric. Thanks for the reply!! It is hard to understand a company acting like that nowadays with transifex and a lot of potential to build a community... I think I'm going to follow your exemple. Best regards Felipe
I regret the situation, since the CEED Universe game was quite addictive, and the puzzles were a nice idea to bring children into the world of programming.

Maybe they will change there mind in the future and if not willing to invest in localizing the SW, at least they will welcome contributions.


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