New pi-topOS

Hi pi-top members,

The new pi-topOS has been released! :)

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Hi Thanks,

I have already did that, but just wanted to see what had gone missing. I can't seem to find the "original Pi-Top OS download image" anywhere only a link to present one. I also prefer to observe the boot process

Arrrgh!! I just got my Pi-Top working then it got updated... then I tried to get bluetooth earphones to work and now I have a quick Pi-Top splash screen followed by a log-in screen I cannot log in to. I am paralysed! HELP! How do I get to re-boot without the log-in and how do I get my old log-in details recognised by my Pi-Top? This is currently totally frustrating. Sorry to be such a bore. Maybe I will have to re-install the new Pi-Top OS bu I am lost at pesent. Could anybody please give me some directions? Please?

/Begin rant

Am I alone in always getting a US/Spanish keyboard map when I install a new PiTopOS image?  

Perhaps there is a point to the selector screen where I choose a keyboard layout when a new image is first started but I have no idea what because it defaults to a useless US/Spanish one - go to normal desktop and go through the preferences to find out.

So why is this so annoying?  Because it means I have change it before I can do anything else seeing as I'm not in the US.  I can't even register a userid because I can't type the @ in the email address!  Yes, I know it's shift+2 on non standard (aka no-UK) keyboards but I have nice UK layout keyboards.

And while I'm having a rant, would it be too much trouble to get some kind of error message when a login to piTopOS fails for whatever reason?

/end rant


Sorry to hear you are having trouble, I'm sure we can get it sorted though. Please go to the terminal and type sudo nano /etc/default/keyboard and change us to gb.

However if this does not work please re-flash a copy of the latest pi-topOS onto your SD card by following the instructions below, as the keyboard layout can be chosen (US, UK or DE) on the first boot-up of the pitopOS:

Please reformat your (micro) SD card by reading this Blog post.

Then please reformat your SD card by using SDFormatter which a will ensure the the SD card is in the correct format.

For the most up-to-date version of the pi-topOS, please use your mac/pc to download it here:

Follow this link for instructions on installing the OS onto your SD card (you will most likely have to use the SD card adaptor to do this, i.e. what your microSD card arrived in)

Follow the instructions for, "Writing an image to the SD Card," based on your operating system. Once you've completed this you should be able to plug your microSD card back into your Raspberry Pi and go!

If you have any other questions please feel free to get in touch with us.

All the best,


t appears somebody forgot to move the cursor focus to the "Log-in" button after the password is input - check the behaviour of the log-in cursor in the previous OS version. Also the topic "Pi-Top Polaris OS log-in problem!" in General Discussion category. Its all a great piece of work with the battery icon showing a correct set of values from the get-go and no need to run he pt-battery-update-x update since the drivers have all been updated. But the Desktop still fails to recognise there is any battery present, I set up the battery status icon along the status bar and I set that up on the bottom of the screen as all these parameters are available to play with. Small steps...

I keep trying to write a short pointer to a discussion on why anybody may suddenly find they cannot log-in to their account via the new POLARIS OS update. But it keeps disappearing after I click on "Post Comment" Any ideas anybody?

Adding any formatting to the message appears to cause the message to be discarded? Why provide character formatting when any use causes a discard?

In fact any formatting... please read the topic under General Discussion "Pi-Top Polaris OS log-in problem!"

It is mentioned, that the recommended way to upgrade OS is via writing the new version on the system SD card.

I would think the normal debian upgrade procedure should be much smoother.

Is there a reason why you recommend the more complicated way?

Related question: Is Etcher conserving the user data?

 What about Pixel?  Can I upgrade to Pixel?

No answer to your question, but to one of my own:

Etcher is simple image burning software, no higher intelligence integrated.

Userdata is wiped.