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pi-topcoder - Quick Reaction Game Freezes

I have been using the Pi-topcoder and studying sequentially.  I am having issues with "Quick Reaction Game".  When I launch the program, it freezes.  I reboot and the same thing happens.  Has anyone experienced this problem.  I have not yet been able to perform any of the exercises in this particular module.  BTW, my pi-top performed a system update a couple of weeks ago.  I look forward to your response.

I guess its a waste of time posting on this pi-top forum.

Well unfortunately I partially agree with you John - software / OS support is not impressive from the 'Pi-Top Team' - communication skills close to ZERO ;(

Sorry I don't have any help to offer you, but I'm experiencing the same issue with my questions. It appears that pi-top doesn't have moderators who get involved and answer questions and keep things moving, to sort of build a knowledge base.

I want to love open source, and I was hoping that pi-top would be more 'curated'. As it stands, I've spent many hours and read thousands of words just trying to make time and date work, with no luck.

Submitting support tickets works, but then with a day between each response, it can take a week just to make one step forward.

Good luck.

I'm happy to report that the "Quick Reaction Game"  module no longer freezes when launching.  When this problem was first reported, I was running Linux Pi-Top 4.4.21-v7.  With the release and installation of Linux Pi-Top 4.4.34-v7, the problem has been resolved.  A big THANK YOU!!! for this update.

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Hi there,

Thank you all for your contributions.

We have been concentrating on the development of the software up to the current release of the Polaris update. 

This can be downloaded here:


We really appreciate the enthusiasm of our customers and appreciate the support in taking our pi-top to the next level. 

If you have any support related issues contact us on support@pi-top.com

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