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Touchpad pi-top model 2.0

In the beginning the touchpad was working good. After a few weeks there is a problem with using the touchpad. Where the finger is used many times, the black is blinking ( fatt? ), the other black where the finger is not been presented is working normal.

The blinking problem zone can give a click command when it is not allowed.

Is there a software terminal command for not clicking with the move pad, only with the left or right button of the touch pad or can i use a product to clean the touch pad?

Thank you for any advise.

I will investigate this issue a little bit further when I find the time. It would be nice to be able to adjust the trackpad operation a little bit further than what can be done in the mouse section of the Raspbian keyboard and mouse setup menu. In particular I do not like very much that one has to click in the middle of the trackpad to move windows and sliders. But tapping and clicking left and right works fine for me. I just had to increase the double click interval a bit.

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I have investigated this in much detail and have found, that it is not possible to turn off tapping on the pi-top rev 1. The reason is that the touchpad is identified by the driver as a simple mouse with 3 buttons, and does not differentiate between button clicks and taps. There is therefore nothing which can be done at the Raspberry Pi software level to turn off tapping. As soon as I get permanent access to a pi-top rev 2 I will find out how the touchpad is implemented on this new device.
The pi-top rev 2 uses a touchpad from a different vendor, but is also recognized by the driver as a simple mouse with 3 buttons. I cannot see any way to turn tapping off while keeping clicking. I really like the keyboard. It is much better than the keyboard of the pi-top rev 1. The moving and tapping on the new touchpad also works well, but I don‘t like the clicking. If you are used to tapping, clicking is only required for the right click and for drag/drop.

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