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Translation for CEED Universe

Is it possible for me to translate CEED Universe into another language?

I can't seem to find out any info or lang files on my Pi-top.


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I investigated a bit inside the executable, and all the puzzles and conversations are there as embedded XML resources. It seems that the file is some kind of executable archive with all its data inside.

If one knew how to unpack/repack it, translating the texts would be easy. Maybe this can't be done this way. For instance, tools like PyInstaller let you bundle scripts with support libs and data files in a single portable executable file, but you cannot (to my knowledge) extract the parts (only pack them together).

It's a pity we can't contribute to localizing this app. This make it totally useless for kids here in France for instance, since they don't master English language enough to understand the texts and puzzles.

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